Coffee Shop
Quench your thirst and indulge in your sweet tooth at our fashionable coffee shop.

Remain in the epitome of style and grace during your tea time or coffee break.


The Name C'Bon is originated from the French Word C'est Bon. Which means "It's Delicious". The concept was launched in 2005 upon the intent to deliver premium espresso coffee, light food sandwiches and fresh juices to customers in a contemporary environment. C'Bon Cafe now encompasses the feeling, style and overall warmth of a true cafe experience; interpreting cravings and indulging taste buds with a multitude of finely selected sweets, salads, and sandwiches, to further cater your appetite.

A quick indulgence and caffeine recharge is just what is needed to keep you going all day long. C'Bon Café concept continues to develop and expand with new branches during 2015.


C'Bon Cafe engulfs rapid growth, with simultaneous new outlet developments in key locations to ensure a successfully established brand that is recognizable worldwide. With great enthusiasm, ambition, and integrity, C'Bon Cafe highlights the importance of resourceful communication and skills in a blooming market.

Upon expanding the C'Bon Cafe family, we elaborate the factors that contributed to the success of our franchise. Each cafe aspires to illustrate its unique design, marketing and business plan. SLG supervises the fit-out for every branch, and overlooks all construction programs for optimal results. C'Bon Cafe operators are well-trained during the initial opening phase, as well as long week business training workshops, recommendations and ongoing first hand staff training (barista, & customer service).

With C'Bon Cafe you are given the combined forces of opportunity and reduced business risks in an increasingly growing market. An active product development department strives to supply each and every C'Bon Cafe with the best products available in the market. With consistency and avid modernization to establish a strong competitive edge, C'Bon Cafe remains to be comfort found in true cafe experience.