Established in 2005, Sharkia Life Group is a privately owned company, involved in a supply chain of excellence "Beauty care products, cosmetics, perfumes, and a wide variety of related female beauty lines."

SLG aims to develop and maintain eminence products at affordable prices, with high standard customer service. Our expertise plays a vital role in the distribution and representation of international brands that accomplish a positive attraction between our products and our customers.

We input all of our energy and passion into each product to best represent the vision of the supplier and best reflect the attributes that define the products we offer.


SLG is a caring and innovative organization that brings youthfulness, beauty and health care products to the public.


Sharkia Life Group strives to be the leading innovator in marketing enterprise for beauty, body and health care products.


Sharkia Life Group (SLG) is the exclusive distributor for stated brands.